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Electronic Lighting Controls

One of the areas we enjoy working in regularly is lighting scale models;
Working closely with housing developers, engineers and architects we can incorporate advanced interactive lighting and sound systems into models of developments and projects.

The key Pad and Touch screen operated systems make it possible to pull up useful information about the development whilst the plot or area in question is highlighted on the model by LED light sources inside or outside the numbered plot.

We have found this a highly useful sales tool combined with a scale model, from selling houses or apartments in the marketing suite to pitching details of zones or areas on small scale topographical model.

Bringing even more life into your models we can also incorporate sound and mechanical elements; from simply providing sound effects and moving components to rotating or lifting complete models; our custom build ability makes almost anything possible.

We deliver a high end service and regularly work for other model makers providing this specialist aspect of the modelling process. Our team not only installs great products; we can also design hardware and software from scratch to carry out specific or unusual demands, such as interactive exhibits for museums conveying information through light, sound and movement.

Contact us today to discuss just how we can bring your models to life!

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