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Model Making

Creating bespoke scale models from scratch accounts for at least half of our business, and is something we take really seriously.

Our primary work area is in architectural and engineering model making; taking plans of a development and realising them as a detailed scale model for planning, marketing and visualisations.

This can range from a single building to an entire new development plotted out in realistic detail for use in the marketing suite; and of course we also offer interactive lighting and sound installation to further enhance the models usefulness as a sales tool. We take pride in our attention to detail and quality finish no matter how big, small, complex or simple the task at hand.

We also create models of varying types for a range of other purposes such as props for TV, film and advertising.

A testament to the quality of our work is in regular business creating museum exhibits and displays which call for extreme detail and accuracy; of course these can also become interactive, mechanical, light labelled and producing sound effects through our other service areas.

Contact us today for a free quotation on your model project.

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